What Happened to Sign in With Apple?

During the apple WWDC 2019 event, the company announced that it would be introducing a new API to allow people to sign in into websites and particularly apps using their apple ID.

I remember reading about this feature that would be made available upon the release of the then in beta iOS 13.

According to how I understood it at the time, it would enable folks side step the sign up process which is so often used to fill in their data. Data which could then be used to personally identify them and market to them. This way, the sign in with Apple would kill two, if not multiple, birds with one stone.

You would not only retain most of your privacy but you would also be spared the irritation of having to provide of keeping multiple login credentials for different native and website applications.

This concept sounds as cool as it sounded to me then. Except the fact that it doesn't seem that any developers have used the API anywhere. So much for the initial hype and subsequent expectations.

I just came across a tweet today that underlines this outcome.