One industry to observe this decade

Now that we're two months into the decade, what things are people excited about? These include the return of flip phones, large phones, foldables phones, 5G, Wifi 6, paper tv. They're all good things to have and everyone has their reasons to be excited about any of them.

If you ask me, I more intrigued by how the future of energy storage, especially battery technology. How is it going to look like? How will it transform our world?

Why battery technology?

As the computing industry has grown, we now find ourselves with more devices that really on more power to function. Two decades ago, most of the devices we used were stationary and were mostly found at home or in the office.

Fast forward to 2020, our pockets have at least one phone, our backpacks probably house a laptop and probably an iPad, our wrists have a smartwatch strapped on. Not to mention that we may have an electric car for a ride.

And this is not to say that we've reached maturity. No, we're just getting started. Companies such as Apple are working on AR glasses while some other companies are working on electric planes' ideas.

If you go back home, Tesla is working on the solar storage power packs, that's power walls.

For all the above use cases we are all concerned about the following aspects:

  1. Storing more juice (power) in our batteries
  2. Ability to charge our batteries as fast as possible. We've got to save time, right? And who has the time to keep waiting for their devices to charge?
  3. Longer lasting batteries. Current batteries degrade significantly when used for above 500 cycles. This means if you charge your device fully and drain it on a daily basis, that device needs its battery replaced after 17 months or so.


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