Idolatry reloaded

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I have always looked at the ten commandments in my new years as a Christian, and i always thought there were some commandments that i would never break even if i was high on liquor, something like thou shall not kill, Honor thy father and thy mother, Thou shalt have no other gods before me, this were things i never thought i could wrestle to keep.

I knew somehow lying , adultery were sins that i could have to wrestle with, not to say i was actively involved in these, but the stake was high at some time these were things that could affect me directly or indirectly.

For those who know me beyond the 10 years challenge can tell you that am not good in carpentry, metal work, i cannot even draw a straight line with straight ruler, you can testify that this commandment was not meant for me -

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

My creativity is also inversely related to my height, don’t forget my height is what the call American height, now imagine making a graven image. If it was a god i guess it [would be]() so useless and lame and without shape.

But as time went by i rediscovered that idolatry takes many forms, it can be a status, money, addictions, animals and any obsession. I updated my phone someday operating system and i received an analysis of how i had used my phone that week.

I am ashamed to say that i had an average of 8hrs a week on social media, that’s a full time job, on productivity it was only two hours. How much time did i even have with and for God?

I discovered i was more into Idolatry and guilty as one in the brothels. And certainly a heavy to heart question asked to Eli by God hit me hard; 1 Samuel 2:29 … Why do you honor your sons more than me?

This should be a question that all of us should ask ourselves. Why do you honor your, businesses, education, social media, friends, status, feelings, emotions, relationship, whatever it may be than God?

God is calling us today from all types of idolatry and is asking you and me in a still voice COULD YOU HAVE TIME FOR ME.

Seek ye the kingdom of God and His righteousness the rest be it riches friendship, relationship, peace shall be given unto you


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Interesting piece 🤔👏🏻
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This is so me🙈, sure I should have time for Him. Nice piece
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Waaaaoh that was an eye opener