Grifters on youtube

You know what, I just want to annoy you every 3 minutes. After all, you must know that I only uploaded this youtube video so that I can make bank. Surely, you must understand the amount of hard work that goes into making such a video.

And you obviously must be dying to consume this content. So don't mind my more than necessary servings of ads on the video.

In fact, I'm going to constantly remind you that there's a bell icon next to the subscribe button. Oh, but of course, it would be terribly inconsiderate of me to overlook your short attention span. Not especially when I will be looking to hit the lottery on my next video.

I know what you're thinking. No, don't you even think about leaving me a nasty comment about how dumb I'm for not understanding subscriber's/fandom psychology. Nor should you think for a moment that I have an attitude problem.

Oh, I hope you won't mind the clickbait title I chose for this video. That was just in your interest. How else would you have come across such salacious content? Wouldn't you agree that you totally needed the nudge? And if you really think about it, you're just overthinking my long yappy winding intro. Relax, I will get to the point soon enough.