Friends with Benefits

2 minutes

15 years ago, the term “Friends with Benefits” was not a common term; it may have been to many of you but to be safe let me say where I grew up. But as time went by the term became prevalent and normal in our day to day usage. And the term just takes different forms; from We just friends to situationships. You may all agree that the term is used in almost always negative connotations.

With my experience the term is always used when a person wants to get off the hook or when one does not want to carry the responsibility that comes along with relationships. People want increased access with little or no accountability. At times it can be hurting especially when one person is serious and the other is just passing time.

I may not be an expert in terms of relationships, neither can I stand as a moral police and pretend that all is well especially when I have not been a good role model in this sector, but I can at least stand and say that am tired of these kind of relationships. Where by someone wants to be with you not for who you are but rather for what you can give. In short you are treated as a business venture.

We all want to experience love, true genuine love, that emanates from principle and not temporary feelings. I will not be quick to cast any stone on anyone, since I may be guilty as you too are guilty. This is something that we do all the time. But could it be that God wants an intimate relationship with us. He wants us to love Him back for who He is but not for what we can get from Him.

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

God not only does He want us to run to Him when we in trouble but wants us to be close to Him always. What you think about God dictates how we treat other people. At that moment we going to receive a revolution in how we treat our spouses


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