do you really need a case for your phone

I prefer commando, most people may not

It's late 2019 and the age of the good old-fashioned plastic phones is not long for this world, or so it seems. As we look back on those days with relish, some more so than others, the age of glass and ceramic phones is here. Mostly glass phones of course.

We are mostly responsible for the demise of the durable, tough but 'cheap' plastic. Poor plastic! All good, tough and affordable things come to an end or diminish significantly.

Now it seems that we must suck it up and slap on covers on our phones. Really, do we have to? Hmm, maybe.

Why we no longer like plastic phones

It is more of a subconscious decision than it is rational

The average smart ass will tell us that we should prioritize function over form when making our purchasing decisions. If we're being honest that argument will, in the moment, possess us with a sense of profundity. Like we've finally been adorned with enlightenment. That is until we get over our momentary self-delusion and fall back to your usual sense.

For most of us, our collective usual sense is that we buy stuff because of the way it makes us feel. How we feel depends on how what we bought makes us look.

More precisely, it is dependent on how we think what we buy makes us look. Hell, we want to look and sound cool. Again, some more than others. Most people who say they don't care to be cool are either less self-aware or parroting lies.

This way, we are going to buy the premium looking glass, ceramic and metal phones over anything plastic.

In fact, if and when we fall back to plastic, it will often be due to unavoidable budget-related reasons; not personal preference. Not because our witty and somewhat obnoxious friends, vlog host, twitter follow, blog commentator said that we should worry less about all the wrong non-functional things. Especially not those obnoxious folks who leave paragraphs worth of comments that are sometimes longer than the articles they're responding to.

Commando or wrap in case?

Once we have bought our premium looking fancy phones. Say for instance the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It features a reflective glass back with a dynamic aura glow, which to me looks like a burn CD disk face on an otherwise truly impressive phone.

Most people, the reviewers at least, seem to find it adorable. I have been bombarded by dozens of youtube reviewers who can't cease to express its appeal.

Do you proceed to wrap this expensive and arguably stunning piece of design in a, say leather case? All in the name of preserving its beauty? Like buried beauty can be experienced. Only for the satisfaction to know that it's beautiful on the inside? Maybe you can ditch the phone ditch the cover after months; when there will be something else more compelling.

If I were to buy this device as my daily driver, I would certainly buy a cover for the phone. Of course, I would because I absolutely hate the burn-cd-like look. Which is probably why I wouldn't buy that phone in the first place. Why would I buy something I would not be able to parlay in its full glory?

On the other hand, I wouldn't cover a Samsung Galaxy s10, Google Pixel, iPhone Xs. Not even with a transparent cover because I want to feel the feel of the glass back and the metallic frames. But why?

Due to the aforementioned form value. The visual design of a phone is a critical part of the experience. It's not only enough to feel like you're holding a 'million dollar' device (L.O.L), it is important too to be seen holding a truly beautiful device. Of course only among polite society or you will be mugged, break a nose and forfeit the beautiful device.

Even Steve Jobs once recoiled at the idea of having to wrap a beautiful design in case. It just doesn't make sense to hide the very beautiful design that partly endeared you to buying it.

For those in my camp, going commando with your phone is feasible if you can afford to be extra careful with your phone.

Personally, I have managed to keep an iPhone in pristine shape for close to two years, in commando condition. I even managed to do the same for my three previous phones (which were pretty expendable phones). Am I rarity? Hardly, there are millions of people who are able to do the same.

In all honesty, it does take some level of discretion to achieve that.

Most people are not as meticulous with their phones though. I know people who drop all their phones all the time. They even drop phones who cost approximately a grand. Some even sit on their phones. Utterly mind-blowing.

For instance, it didn't take special googling skills to find someone who dropped their Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Hey, and they were not doing a drop test. Yet, they made a compelling case of how it wasn't their carelessness that ruined the shimmering aura back.

For the many among us who really must drop their phones, keeping their phones commando is a rather expensive luxury. Besides, what is the use of that elegant, premium build, feel and look, if you only get to keep it for a few days or weeks?

They would be better off buying some transparent covers or some elegant looking and good to hold covers.

Another option would be considering rugged phones. That would be a cop-out though 🤔.

So, do we need phone covers?

Yes, since most people will drop their phones for whatever reasons, they will need covers. The smartphone cover industry also needs a thriving clientele. This way, smartphone manufacturers can learn a thing or two from them and develop tougher glass, ceramic and whatever useful material while still preserving good visual builds.

Absolutely not really for those of us who can hold our phones with the same care and attention like we would with toddlers. You don't here a man dropped his kid often, do you?