Coronavirus pandemic presents a turning point

The year started with fears over war provocations that would purportedly lead to a global conflict #WWWIII. Within no time, those fears faded away just as quickly as they had risen. For some time, things looked fairly normal as the CES 2020 went on normally.

In the meantime, the Chinese-born coronavirus has taken the center stage. News of more infection cases and fatalities have continued to grow. The spread seems to be hitting more countries across the globe.

The pandemic is impossible to ignore, despite it reported rate of mortality. After all, it has not only significantly brought the Chinese manufacturing to a stand still.

Due to over reliance by most globalist multinationals on china, supply chains seems to be crumbling under China's inability to operate on full gear. These supply chains will either utterly crumble or stay in a state of limbo depending on how rapidly coronavirus spreads and how long it takes to develop a vaccine or a cure.

Just recently, Google canceled it annual IO developer event. And it wasn't even the first event to be canceled this year. Other notable events have been cancelled in recent weeks. Perhaps, other companies such as Apple will follow suite; maybe WWDC 2020 and reported March events will be canceled as well.

If the corona virus pandemic lingers past the first half of 2020, it will most certainly mark a transitional period. That is to say things will not be going back to usual.

It's most likely that supply chains will be amended to prevent single points of failure, which today is represented by concentration of manufacturing plants in China. Similarly, it will move the needle further towards remote events broadcasted over the internet.