Beyond Opinion

Know thyself

To lead an exceptional life, one needs to break away from what is common. To try out the unbeaten path will test your resolve in more ways that you could ever imagine. Often, the greatest opponent will be your old self.

Realm of the unknown

Often you will be plunged into unknown territories that bear a semblance of familiarity. Surprisingly, the unfamiliarity will be found in unearthing aspects of yourself that are unknown to you. Afterall, most of us have a wanting understanding of ourselves.

Sometimes, this ignorance is the product of chance, sometimes it the result of our constant retreat from any introspection. Truth be told, looking inward can be as traumatizing as looking into the abyss.

How can one change their circumstances when they comprehend so little about their environment and themselves? Gradually, perhaps.

Step after step, until miles are covered. Things just don't happen, they are nurtured through persistent effort. Time is a crucial element in this reality and so is patience.

Informed Decisions

Knowledge has been crowned as the king of potential. It's the bedrock upon which greatness is engineered. Therefore, it goes without saying that the acquisition of knowledge is one of the greatest pursuits that we who live under the sun can undertake.

However, knowledge is as good as a gold or diamond ore. Eyes of wisdom are needed to sort the contents of knowledge into facts, and mere opinion.

Distinguishing fact from opinion is a skill that those who want to improve should cultivate. Facts give us a clear picture of how things are. From that point, it is possible to make pragmatic choices.

Not everyone who sounds smart knows their stuff. Often charisma is used to peddle opinions sold as though they were facts. This reality about the society is one of the most pernicious tragedies perpertrated by our kind.

The tragedy of our generation is that the ignorant are over confident while the wise are filled with fear and indecision.

Listening to such idiots for long is more than a grotesque waste of you valuable time. The contents of their message is constant dose of poison. In time, it will surely achieve its function.

No, everyone is not entitled to feed you their stupid opinions

People will tell you that everyone is entitled to their opinion. That you should give everyone a fair shot to be heard. Huh, isn't it the very delusion peddled by the doctrine of democracy?

Seeing that most people are ignorant - should they be entitled to be ignorant? Should they be free to share their cancerous condition?

Most people are intellectually lazy, thus it's no wonder that they tend to be notoriously subjective in their arguments. A little bit of effort would surely do them some good, not that they would listen.

Enlightened Self Interest

You can make the decision to be informed. For purely selfish interests, you would rather be aware of the most optimal ways of getting to where you would like to go. That means that you have to vet even your own opinions and adjust accordingly where they are subpar. Listen, but be careful to take everything with a grain of salt.

tiny voice is still there whispering, 'You can stop now, you dont have to'. You have become stronger though and for now you know you have to.