Hi, I'm Weru

Creator of neural vibes

I’m an independent software developer based in Nairobi #hakunamatata. Also a wannable crypto reporter at satoshis country.


I quit campus and taught myself to code. If only I had left sooner.

My Work

I'm the developer behind clarity, compose, newsroom, and swift Hugo themes.

Clarity Hugo Theme is a collaboration between Chip Zoller and myself.

Feel free to fork or clone any or all of them. Build whatever you so please with them.

For a bit, I worked with Bilgin Ibryam on oss.fund's UI.

Day to day

Today, I work with clients around the world, building websites UIs with strong focus on adaptive designs, performance, and maintainability.

Online Presence

  1. Linkedin
  2. Github

Tools of trade

  1. VS Code
  2. VIM
  3. Brave browser
  4. Figma


  1. I detest long meetings.
  2. Casually learning the beautiful Russian language

Feel free to share my work and or toss me a few coins here. Спасибо 😉.